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  • Posted On: Nov 23, 2019
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What is sildenafil and how was it discovered?

Sildenafil is the unbranded version of Viagra. This medicine has been used by millions ofmen across the globe to manage erectile dysfunction (ED). When Viagra was officially approved by in 1998, it revolutionised the way ED is now treated. Before it was discovered, treatment was restricted to non-tablet therapieswhich tend to be inconvenient and burdensome. In 2013, the patent for Viagra expired so the cheaper non-branded version is now available.

The discovery of sildenafil provided the first safe and effective oral therapy for ED. What is sildenafil and what was it first used for is a question that is often asked. This medicine was originally created to treat conditions like hypertension and angina. During some of the first clinical trials another effect was discovered.

The fortuitous discovery of sildenafil

An early study took place that involved 38 men who received varying doses of sildenafil. It was taken on a daily basis and another effect that was discovered was the increased tendency for the men to experience penile erections. This suggested that, although not ideally suitable for treating hypertension and angina, sildenafil may be an excellent remedy for ED. The primary use of the medicine soon changed to men’s sexual health.

An overview of how it works

What is sildenafil in terms of how it works is a common consideration. By relaxing soft muscle tissue in blood vessels near the penis, sildenafil increases blood circulation and strengthens erections. It does this by inhibiting PDE5. This enzyme helps regulate blood flow. Sometimes, it limits blood supply to the penis which weakens erections. By blocking PDE5, blood can enter the penis more smoothly during sexual stimulation.

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