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  • Posted On: Dec 26, 2019
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What is sildenafil and how effective is it?

Sildenafil is the less expensive, unbranded version of Viagra. When Viagra lost its patent protection in June 2013, generic manufacturers were permitted to produce and sell this popular medication. Due to regulations that govern the generic industry, sildenafil is required to be manufactured under the same conditions as Viagra. Consequently, patients can expect the same safety and therapeutic effects that the branded version has to offer.

The history of sildenafil

What is sildenafil and what was it first used for are questions people often ask. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that was originally used to treat cardiovascular conditions like pulmonary arterial hypertension. However, when research was carried out to test this medicine during the nineties, another interesting effect was discovered. Participants in studies reported an increased tendency to experience erections.

The manufacturer realised that a safe oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) was a demand that had not yet been fulfilled. Soon after this, the primary use of the medication changed from cardiovascular health to an as-needed medication for erection difficulties.

What is sildenafil like in terms of efficacy?

Clinical studies have found that, overall, 82 percent of men who use this medication experience positive results. For many patients looking for a medication to treat ED, this fact alone is often enough encouragement to try sildenafil. The duration of action is 4-6 hours so there is no need to feel rushed. This medication only works if there is sexual so you and your partner will need to engage in sexual activity for an erection to happen.

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