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  • Posted On: Nov 25, 2019
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The best sildenafil dosage and yoga can improve sex

Yoga is a discipline that involves certain physical postures and is widely practiced to enhance health and relaxation. Many people claim it is useful for improving sexual function. A study that took place in Indiawas carried out to assess the effect yoga would have on male sexual functioning. Sixty-five men between the ages of 24 and 60 responded to a questionnaire before and after 12 weeks of yoga sessions.

The researchers found that, by the end of the study, the men experienced significant improvements in sexual function. Yoga promotes relaxation and improved blood flow and the right sildenafil dosage has the same effect on the body. This medicine boosts nitric oxide production and this natural chemical works with other substances to improve blood flow and strengthen erections.

What is the best dosage?

Patients often start treatment on a dose of 50mg, however, this is usually increased to 100mg, depending on the effects. An analysis was carried out to compare the efficacy of 50mg and 100mg doses. The researchers found that, in one study, the likelihood of achieving completely hard erections was nearly doubled for the men who took 100mg. This was compared to the other group who received a sildenafil dosage of 50mg.

Affordable ED treatment

You can order Sildenafil Viagra generic tablets now that the patent for Viagra has come to an end. The unbranded tablets are cheaper and offer the same therapeutic effects. Before the generic was released in 2013, manufacturers needed to show that sildenafil is bioequivalent to Viagra. This means it contains the same chemical compound, sildenafil citrate. Therefore, it has the exact same safety and effects as the branded version.

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