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  • Posted On: Mar 25, 2020
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Sildenafil UK Studies Debunk Certain Concerns

Many studies showthat the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate plays a vital role in Sildenafil’s effectiveness. This active substance belongs to a special group of medication known as a type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. Once Sildenafil tablets are ingested, sildenafil citrate is rapidly absorbed by the body and works to dilate blood vessels found in the penis. This in turn allows for more blood to flow into the penis which enables a patient to achieve and maintain rigid erections. A British Sildenafil 100mg review reports that that tablet successfully helps eradicate symptoms of erectile dysfunction without disrupting normal bodily processes.

Is Sildenafil Dependency Possible?

Sildenafil citrate (the active ingredient in Sildenafil) is not a physically addictive substance. However, overuse of this medication can cause negative side effects.There is no evidence of any physical addiction to Sildenafil, as majority of those who are overusing the medication are recreational users who do not even have ED. A recent Sildenafil UK study focused on ED patients found that 10% of patients take the tablet incorrectly by not sticking to dosage guidelines.

Further investigation found that this is mainly due to performance anxiety and the fear of an unsatisfactory erection. It was also reported that social influences also cause patients to feel inadequate in satisfying their partner which makes it difficult for them to perform thus they go back to using Sildenafil even when not having intercourse. This is not classed as dependency but rather a psychological issue that patients can overcome with proper understanding.

Safe Treatment for Majority

ED is a common condition in men, and Sildenafil as a recommended medication, used safely does not pose any health risks. The most dangerous association with Sildenafil is the patients’ state of mind which affects the results and ability to follow dosage guidelines. This is a rare problem not linked to the choice of med, but rather thought patterns, and can be addressed with cognitive behavioral therapy, RBT, research etc.

Effective ED Treatment Delivered to your Doorstep

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