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  • Posted On: Nov 04, 2019
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Sildenafil tablets can treat organic and psychogenic ED

Organic erectile dysfunction (ED) and psychogenic ED can both negatively affect a couple’s sexual quality of life. These conditions impair erectile function and it is possible to have both. However, there areclear differences between the two. Organic ED is caused by health issues like high blood pressure. Psychogenic ED is caused by emotional problems like anxiety and depression.

Sildenafil can treat both

A study took place to assess the effectiveness of sildenafil tablets for treating patients with both psychogenic and organic ED. The participants in the study either received an inactive substance called placebo or varying doses of sildenafil. They took a tablet once a day for 28 days and they kept a patient log of erectile activity. The researchers also used various questions including a questionnaire that the men’s partners completed.

In comparison to placebo, the men who used sildenafil reported the following:

• Notably more grade 3 erections (rigid enough for sexual intercourse)per week.
• Notably more grade 4 erections (completely hard) per week.
• Men who took sildenafil tablets experienced significant improvements in erections in terms of frequency, hardness and duration.
• They experienced improvements in satisfaction with sex life and enjoyment of sexual intercourse.
• The results of the partner questionnaire were consistent with the men’s results – this revealed that treatment with sildenafil also improved the sex lives of the men’s partners.

How long does sildenafil last?

The length of time this medicine stays effective can vary slightly depending on individual factors. This can include how fast the body metabolises the medicine, the age of a patient and general health. On average, sildenafil tabletsstay effective for between 4 and 6 hours. This allows the user enough time to engage in sexual activity without the need to rush. During this time, an erection can be achieved if there is sexual stimulation.

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