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  • Posted On: Nov 01, 2019
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Sildenafil citrate tablets can improve erectile function like yoga

Yoga is a widespread practice that integrates breathing and meditation with various physical stances. Many people claim it is beneficial for improving sexual functions and treating sexual issues like erectile dysfunction (ED). A study took place to investigate the effect that yoga has on male sexual functioning.

The study involved 65 men with an average age of 40 who participated in a yoga camp. They completed a questionnaire before and after 12 weeks of yoga sessions and the results showed that the men’s sexual function scores improved significantly. Yoga promotes relaxation which can improve blood flow and sildenafil citrate tablets have a similar effect on the body.

Understanding how sildenafil affects the body

Yoga is a form of light to moderate exercise. Exercise helps keep blood flowing smoothly and erections depend on healthy blood flow because the penis fills with blood when an erection happens. Sildenafil has a similar effect on the body. This medicine enhances levels of nitric oxide and this causes blood vessels to relax and expand. As a result, blood flow improves leading to strengthened erections.

How long does sildenafil last?

The time frame can vary slightly from one person to another but the effects usually last up to six hours. It is important to note that sildenafil citrate tablets do not cause an erection to be sustained for six consecutive hours. This medication simply restores erectile function so there will need to be some form of sexual stimulation for an erection to happen.

Recommended dosage guidelines

• Take one tablet 30 - 60 minutes before initiating sexual activity.
• Avoid taking this medication on a full stomach.
• One tablet should not be exceeded in 24 hours.

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