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  • Posted On: Jan 13, 2020
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Sildenafil citrate can improve your partner’s sexual quality of life

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can put a strain on a relationship. Men with ED often avoid sexual circumstances due to emotional discomfort and this can cause their partner to feel uncertain or anxious. On a more positive note, studies have confirmed that when a man receives effective treatment, the sexual quality of life for his partner also improves. A study took place to determine the level of patient and partner satisfaction with the use of sildenafil citrate.

In total, 247 patients with ED received either sildenafil or inactive placebo tablets so researchers could compare the effects. The study lasted 3 months and the research team used standardised questionnaires to determine outcomes. The main measures of efficacy were as follows:

  • Ability to achieve a erection
  • Ability to maintain an erection

The results showed that the scores on the questionnaires were remarkably higher for patients who used sildenafil compared with those who received placebo. The men’s partner responses corresponded with their own assessments. The study revealed that with sildenafil citrate treatment, both patients and partners experienced high levels of satisfaction.

Important recommendations for usage

  • Most people notice the effects within half an hour, however, it is best to ensure you are prepared so take one tablet 30 to 60 minutes before planned sex.
  • Sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg work in response to sexual stimulation so there will not be an unwanted erection.
  • Large or fatty meals can slow down the digestive system and affect the absorption rate so avoid heavy meals near to the time you plan to take a tablet.
  • Avoid taking more than one sildenafil citrate tablet per day as this may increase the likelihood of unwanted side effects.
  • The duration of action is about 4 hours so there is sufficient time for sexual situations.

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