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  • Posted On: Jan 14, 2020
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Sildenafil 100mg can effectively treat mild, moderate and severe ED

Research has shown that the worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) is increasing. This is because of factors like ageing populations, general health and lifestyle choices. A study was carried out to assess the relationship between ED, age and lifestyle factors for men over the age of 45. Altogether, 101,674 men qualified for the study and the results showed the following:

  • 25.14% had mild ED
  • 18.79% had moderate ED
  • 16.77% had severe ED

This study confirmed that ED is associated with ageing populations, health conditions and lifestyle choices like physical inactivity. On a positive note, sildenafil 100mg tablets can effectively treat erection difficulties. The study also concluded that increased physical activity corresponded with a lower chance of ED. Exercise helps improve blood circulation and when a man is sexually stimulated, blood moves into the penis giving it the firmness that is needed for sex.

Understanding how medication can treat ED

Sildenafil tablets 100mg work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This medicine accomplishes this effect by reducing the activity of an enzyme called PDE5. This enzyme helps control the movement of blood and it can contribute to reduced blood flow. With the use of sildenafil 100mg patients can, however, block the activity of PDE5. This allows blood vessels to expand so blood flow can improve and erections can become firm and sustainable.

Important advice for usage

  • For maximum effects, avoid large or high-fat meals near to the time you plan to take a tablet.
  • The treatment duration is 4-6 hours and most men are able to achieve an erection within 30-60 minutes.
  • The safe dosage is one tablet per day taken with a glass of water.

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