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  • Posted On: Dec 30, 2019
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Flavonoid consumption and sildenafil citrate can improve erections

The worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) is expected to increase directly as a result of factors like unhealthy eating habits, obesity and physical inactivity. This can, however, be counteracted by following advice on lifestyle changes such as adhering to a specific diet. Research that was published in 2016 revealed that eating foods rich in flavonoids is linked to a lower risk of developing ED.

These foods are known to have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. During sexual stimulation, the penis fills with blood so there needs to be healthy blood flow for a strong erection to happen. Sildenafil citrate works in a similar way while it is effective in the body. This medication enhances nitric oxide and this causes blood vessels to dilate resulting in stronger erections.

How the research took place

The research involved over 50,000 men who were questioned about their quality of erectile function since 1986. Information about their dietary habits was gathered every 4 years. The research team found that more than 33 percent of the men reported developing ED. Interestingly, the men who adhered to a diet rich in flavonoids were less likely to develop erection difficulties.

An overview of how sildenafil citrate affects the body

This medication relaxes constricted blood vessels close to the penis. Consequently, the flow of blood increases which enables firmer and more sustainable erections. It accomplishes this effect by blocking an enzyme in the body called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme helps control blood flow and, sometimes, it can reduce blood flow and compromise erectile function. Men with ED who use this medication can expect to attain a firm erection if sexual stimulation happens.

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